Facebook has again put the Messenger app on the forefront, leading up to the upcoming F8 Developer Conference on Tuesday.

The popular social media network announced new features it will add to the Messenger app. Facebook is going to add the Dropbox integration to the Messenger app on the Android and iOS platform. This will enable users to share photos, videos and other files inside the Messenger without ever leaving the app. The new feature has been rolled out already, but might take some time arriving at people’s phones, due to geographic locations.

Facebook And Dropbox Partner For In Chat Integration On Messenger
Facebook And Dropbox Partner For In Chat Integration On Messenger

To check if the new feature is in your app, you have to check with the latest Messenger and Dropbox apps on your device. If you do, then go into the Messenger app and tap More, and look for the Dropbox option. If the option is there, you can tap on it then access your Dropbox files from inside the Messenger app.

The videos, photos and the animated GIFs, which are shared from Dropbox, will start to appear directly in the chats. Other files received via the Messenger app, can then be saved to the Dropbox app or preview the file.

This new integration of the Dropbox feature is just one service that has been added to the Messenger app recently. Facebook started making Messenger a platform for all apps and services, by announcing partnerships with Uber and Lyft last year. The company is also expected to move into chatbots with a bot service announcement expected during the F8 conference.


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