Facebook is investing in the smartphone camera which is the most dominant and omnipresent platform for improved reality in the future and it has shown the world through its endowed developers that what it would look like. The company is also working on the AR features that are finer and much more helpful.

The standard photo effects are added by the computer vision and artificial intelligence-powered algorithms which are used by virtual images in a particular scene. So the unnecessary details are hidden by a low-aperture photo having a blurred-out background. Joaquin Candela who is the head of Facebook’s applied machine learning team said that the software has the ability to estimate the forefront and the background. The effect which is produced by the professional DSLR camera with a low aperture lens is achieved after differentiating between the forefront and background.

Facebook's AI-powered camera which can blur backgrounds of photo
Facebook’s AI-powered camera which can blur backgrounds of photo

The same type of technology was introduced by Apple in its iPhone 7 Plus’ dual-camera setup, but Facebook realizes this effect without a second lens for detailed information. Instead of that, it uses its Al-powered computer vision and depth sensing capabilities. In the demo, Candela gave details that you can dangle the viewfinder of Facebook’s high-resolution camera around and still hold on to the blurred out background. This means that staying in one place is not mandatory unlike Apple’s iPhone 7.

Camera Features Being Produced

It is quite obvious that this, not the first time that such camera features are being produced without depending upon hardware. Same techniques are applied in Instagram’s more critical suppression feature which allows you to add tilt-shift effect in which the discrete portions of the image are blurred. But still, these apps can’t produce the same effect. Facebook might not be the first company to introduce such technology but the ubiquity of its mobile software and its firmness on pushing camera features makes it stand out.


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