Facebook has come out a modern way of viewing panoramas and VR photos on your phone through the introduction of the new feature “360 photos” that no more requires you to zoom in and out to have a broader view. Facebook will soon roll out its new feature 360 photos in Android, iOS, the web and Gear VR that will democratize the creation of 360 and VR content. What you need to do is upload an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Panorama or photos from camera or 360 apps after which Facebook will convert it into 360 photos.

Those who see the 360 photo with compass icon can view the photo perfectly by tilting the phone or by clicking, tapping and dragging it. If you have a Gear VR handy, tap on the ‘View in VR’ button located at the top left and set the phone in the headset to enjoy the view by moving your head.

360 Photos

Probably Instagram Will Get 360 Support Soon

Andy Huang, Facebook’s product manager, has stated that they have introduced photos in Facebook a decade ago which became a perfect way to people for sharing their experiences, and they believe that the video, VR and 360 are a far more modern way of sharing that can provide the real-time feelings. Most probably Instagram too will get 360 support soon.

Business People Can Be Benefitted Greatly From The 360 Photos Feature

While Twitter is still thought as a text focused platform and SnapChat, do not let the users broadcast uploads, Facebook with the availability of great 360 content can attract even more customers than it does today. Also, the business people can be benefitted greatly for this 360 feature that will allow them to market their product in a more eye-catching way and finally the tourism destination, movie sets, etc. will end up as 360 photos ads.



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