ExxonMobil has appeared with cMIST technology that dries out natural gas within pipes through a patented absorption process.

According to the company, the tech is usable at both offshore and on the land production of natural gas. It is a substitute to the traditional dehydration tower system.

ExxonMobil Wonder Tech to Produce Natural Gas
ExxonMobil Wonder Tech to Produce Natural Gas

The company claims that this in-line technology is more competent in taking away vapor found during natural gas production. Taking out water vapor using the dehydration technology, especially carried out through long and costly dehydration towers, is claimed to minimize decay and tools intrusion, assisting to guarantee the secure and effective transport of natural gas via the supply transportation and in due course to consumers.

cMIST decreases the volume, load, and price of dehydration, ensuing the decrease of outside marks by 70 percent and the completely dehydration technology’s load by half, according to Exxon that has included advantages to offshore applications.

The system depends upon a proprietary droplet producer to crash traditional solvent into the micro-droplets, which turn into finely dispersed in the gas flood, so rising the outside region for the water absorption from the gas. A lined up separator has joined this which combines the water-rich glycol droplets and set in motion them on the outside surface of the pipeline for the efficient division from the dehydrated natural gas.

The glycol in the system is reproduced through a traditional technology and is brought back to the droplet generator for reuse. The droplet generator utilized the power from streaming natural gas to produce droplets of the accurate volume.

ExxonMobil’s new technology has got licensed authority to the Chemtech division of Sulzer to make possible the consumption across the gas and oil business.

The Chemtech division president, Torsten Wintergerste claimed,

We look forward to servicing the oil and gas industry with the unique technology, allowing for much-needed reductions in CapEx for both Greenfield projects and existing facilities seeking brownfield debottlenecking opportunities.


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