Online shopping is a boon and with a myriad of options on the internet, you have the option of choice. Even though low prices are a boost in the sales of any online shopping store, people these days look for secure payments and one click buys. Buying from any new website requires filling several details which is a tedious job and most customers drop the idea of buying from the website even if they like a certain product. Customers have other options and they will go back to buying from their old websites where they don’t have to fill lengthy forms. Here comes the role of Expressly.

What is Expressly

Expressly - Make Your Online Shopping Secure And Enjoyable

Expressly is a software that helps in saving the time of the customers so they don’t have to put their details every time they make a purchase. Expressly creates customer acquisition campaigns so the customers can buy from new online stores with just a click. The information is taken directly from another online store which is already present in the network from where the customer has made an acquisition.

Expressly is available in the online markets of United Kingdom.

What’s in for the Online Businesses?

ExpresslyBesides being a timer saver and secure way of shopping for the customers expressly is also beneficial for the online businesses. The online shops can now turn their potential buyers into customers since they don’t have to worry about going through a long process of form filling. The traders have full control on who they wish to partner with besides having complete data security.

How does Expressly Transfer Customer Details?

The customer data is moved between partner websites by expressly using a special technology thus creating powerlinks. It is with these powerlinks that the customers can make purchases with one click. When the customers like a certain product on a new site they are shown a box which lets them register and login in a click.

How Can you Become a Member of the Network?

Joining expressly is completely free, there are no charges for it, there is just a sign-up required. Merchants look for partners who are not a competition to their business. Once two traders are connected on expressly they can chat with each other. All the traders who join the network are verified. There is a verified badge that is put on the traders who are legit. Online businesses are not revealed on the network of expressly till they are verified. Two traders are connected with each other only when both agree for the connection.

Final Review

Expressly is a completely safe software that is trying to help the online businesses to prosper and get more from their campaigns. The customer details and the data of the traders are under complete security. There are no chances of data manipulation. There are no hidden charges that are involved here. The process is simple and hassle free. They guarantee complete security of their members while giving them an opportunity to increase their profits and business circle.


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