Following the allegations of sexism, harassment and toxicity in its workplace, in February 2017 Uber allowed former US Attorney General, Eric Holder, and his colleague, Tammy Albarrán, to begin an investigation into its corporate culture and workplace ethics. The two have reported their findings on a weekly basis to a subcommittee of Uber’s Board of Directors.

The committee comprises of Arianna Huffington, Bill Gurley, and David Bonderman. However, now the investigators have asked for an additional month of investigation and sifting through the found evidence before they submit all of their findings.

Evidences causes Uber to further the investigation
Evidence causes Uber to further the investigation

The board members said in a statement that;

When Eric Holder and Tammy Albarrán began their review, we told them that they would have all the support and time necessary to conduct an intensive, thorough review of Uber’s workplace and culture. Eric and Tammy have asked us for more time to complete their assessment, which includes information received from hundreds of employees through interviews and anonymous online focus groups and reflects the global scale of the company’s operations. To ensure that no stone is left unturned, we have granted that request and anticipate a report by the end of May.

The evidence must be huge for Uber’s higher ups to have allowed another month of dirt digging. Uber has been embroiled in one scandal after another, all starting from the blog post of a former engineer, Susan Fowler, in which she stated the blatant sexism she faced and the worse managers, who couldn’t help solve the problem.

Other scandals include wrong work practices to spy and impede in a competitor’s progress as well as property theft of a certain firm that specializes in the development and testing of self-driving cars. Uber has had to face a lot of criticism and the top level management would love to just put this entire scandal saga behind them.


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