Google’s promise of putting forth laptops with Android apps support has become a reality in 2017

In May of 2016, it was announced by Google that all Chromebooks would begin accessing to Google Play Store. The promise of Google turned into reality this year as every Chromebook, now, is supporting android apps access and functioning on it.

Around Every Upcoming Chromebook Will Run Android Apps
Around Every Upcoming Chromebook Will Run Android Apps

Though a surprising news, but it is real. Today, we have more touch-screen Chromebooks than ever. They run android applications and give the user two-dimensional experience with fun. No doubt, a super offer for both Chromebook and android lovers.

Super Offer for Chromebook & Android Lovers

These Chromebooks with android app store access are sure to provide a marvelous result. There will be no difficulty in connection and run the apps.

A user will be asked to switch to the beta channel in order to make his/her Chromebook accessible to the app store. His laptop will, then, go updated and connect and run the applications popular among android users. All you need to do is to learn on instructions about how to switch to the beta channel. Also, beware that the beta channel might be wobbly and the opposite of what you are accustomed to from your laptop.

Not every laptop will go updated and made the access to the app store possible. But, a number of the Chromebooks that can be updated to the beta channel goes as high as only a few ones will be left without the novelty.

Chromebook App Store Connectivity

Various non-touch Chromebooks can also support the app store connectivity, but then you will not enjoy the as good experience as with touch-screen ones.

Android apps option is making the laptop ecosystem considerably larger. It is the time when Chromebook offers larger functionality, not only web-based applications but those ones from Google app store are also run on them.


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