Evernote has been around for some time now and when the application initially launched it was free to download and use. Evernote says that it wanted to concentrate on its functionality before it began to try to figure out how to monetize the application. Evernote has now figured out its functionality and has presented new and updated plans that aren’t free to use.

Evernote Plus and Premium have are both plans that carry a monthly or yearly fee to use. Evernote Plus will cost $2.99 per month or $24.99 per year. Besides is aimed at people who know the essentials of Evernote and want more storage space and flexibility than the free offering gives.

Plus offers 1GB of monthly uploads, offline access to notes on mobile gadgets, password lock, and the ability to turn emails into notes automatically. Evernote Premium offers unlimited transfers and is aimed at the professional user. Premium supports bigger individual note sizes. Premium can likewise keep all notes, writing, research, discussions, and presentations in a single spot with no application switching.

Evernote Basic is the free service is still available. Essential is proposed to let people learn the fundamentals of using the application and there is no time limit how long you can use Evernote Basic at no cost. Evernote did increase valuing of the Premium service in a few areas and the individuals who are now paying at the lower cost will get the chance to continue paying that lower cost for the following year.

SOURCE: Evernote via Slash Gear


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