The human brain is an amazing thing, we can store a lot of information on our brain, but the difficult part is recalling that information. Evernote is a popular cross-platform app which is used by many. You can save any thought that comes to your mind, click a picture and tag it in Evernote for future references, save digital files on it, organize your day, save recipes and much more. It is just like a universal box where you can store anything you like.

Evernote Will Limit Its Free Users to Two Devices in A Year

As of latest updates, Evernote will limit its free users to two devices in a year, the prices of the Evernote Plus subscription will go up by $1 making it $3.99 monthly that adds us to $34.99 annually. For people who use to sync their notes to more than two devices like computers, tablets or smartphones will have to buy a monthly subscription for themselves.


The cost of the monthly Premium subscription of Evernote has risen to $7.99. The added features of the premium subscription include 10 GB of uploads per month, business card scanning tool and the ability to search or add notes to PDF files.

An added feature for the Basic users of Evernote is that now the passcode lock is available in the mobile apps, a feature that was only provided to the paid users earlier. Evernote continues to keep its promise from keeping its product advertisement free, raising the subscription fee would allow the extra revenue to be invested in creating more features in it, ultimately benefiting the users.

Many paid users have been upset about the hike in the price and might want to change boats. There are many other notes taking services, but the Award winning Evernote remains the best in the market.


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