After Apple, it’s now Google’s turn to come up with the Family Sharing feature, which comes to the audience completely free, and extended with six accounts of different individuals in a family. Varied with the features to share TV shows, movies, apps and books across numerous devices with the ability for anyone in the family to make payments using the credit card of the main account.

Enjoy Google Play Family Library for apps with Google, movies, and TV
Enjoy Google Play Family Library for apps with Google, movies, and TV

The plan is phased to rollout in the US followed by Australia, France, Brazil, Canada, Italy, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, Japan, and the United Kingdom. This plan is a slight variation of the Google’s streaming service for music dedicated to the families again, which prices from $14.99.

The controls are maintained by Google for the way the sharing works, as individuals do have the choice to pay with their own card if they want to, without the owner being aware of the activity. The users can enable or disable the sharing for certain content using on/off based switch.

The best advantage of having Google’s plan is that its content is allowed to be viewed on many devices. TV and the movies bought in Google Play will work on Chrome and Android OS based devices apart from being viewable on web pages preferably on Chrome browsers. It is even flexible to be viewed on iOS devices as well, even though there is no available Apple TV app and it is not possible to buy the content in iOS apps possibly due to Apple’s 30 percent cut.

In spite of being delayed a bit, Google’s play has taken a boom to have a better availability and device friendly than its counterpart. Having a huge expectation to change the consumer choice to move to the new product in the market, Google is trying its luck by sharing the same features from the Apple, which uses have been enjoying since a couple of years.



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