In April, Edinburgh science festival will unveil the hazarding and threatening impact of new technology.

The festival will warn about the risks of the entire framework or electronic identities and make your online existence alive on the mercy of activity tracks of binge and wristbands till ages when you will be dead.

Edinburgh international science festival to survey tech dangers
Edinburgh international science festival to survey tech dangers

The current cyber offense tactic and scamming techniques, the issues in getting to sleep, the influence of cell phones on the present-day relationships and the hardships of wholly disconnecting from the internet will all be discovered in the festival.

How hacking began, what is the connection between the thriving new tech and ecological problems and the “tangled mess” of today’s health care will also be a part of the event.

However, the 16-day event in April is also concerned with the positive side of new techs like how digital smell underdevelopment can boost the enjoyment of virtual media, the benefits of robots and the possibility of age-enhancing medicines.

According to the creative director of the event, Amanda Tyndall,

Conflict, cultural divisions, demographic shifts and environmental degradation are not new, but what is new is the degree to which we are all connected – both in real time and virtually in a wired world – to these issues and to each other.

He added,

We are interested in what it means to live in this Information Age.

Over 270 programs of the festival will adore stage at 29 places, involving the greatest ever arts shows, with the Royal Lyceum, Traverse, and Bedlam.

The names of the most prominent festival events throwing light on how new tech dangers are omnipresent along with its fast growth are given below:

  • Who Will Scam Us Next, And How
  • The Girl in the Machine
  • Wearables that Snitch on Us
  • Nap Time


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