Edge Now Supports WhatsApp

Edge Now Supports WhatsAppEdge Now Supports WhatsApp

When WhatsApp first released a web version of its platform that users could conveniently use from their desktops, many were excited. Tragically, for users of Windows 10 and the new browser that joins it, things weren’t all blushing as WhatsApp was restricting access on Edge and Internet Explorer, at first, limiting support to just Chrome.

Safari, Opera and Firefox support followed soon after, yet it has taken months after Microsoft’s engineers initially indicated they were teaming up with WhatsApp for the same to seem to be valid for Edge.

Various users on Reddit have already started reporting the change. While there are still some who are unable access the service, probably because the rollout is being performed step by step, you will probably be able to get to the site on Microsoft’s new browser within the near future. Once in, you can connect with your account by scanning the QR code given on your Android, Blackberry or Windows Mobile gadget.

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