We need to scan important documents every now and then so that they can be viewed conveniently. It also allows sharing the documents effectively. But scanning refers to just capturing images of the important doc. It can’t be edited. This automatically reduces the efficiency as you can’t correct anything on the scanned documents. OCR or the optical character recognition is the solution to that. OCR is nothing but a software tool which converts the scanned documents into text searchable or editable files. And, the Easy Screen OCR is one such very useful tool for that purpose.

Easy Screen OCR actually combines both the features screen captures and OCR in one application. So, if you are looking for both, this is a perfect solution for you.

Easy Screen OCR
Easy Screen OCR

Easy Screen OCR is packed with several exciting and useful features that have made it one of the best OCR tools definitely. The features of this tool are listed here.


  • This is entirely free software that allows users to copy text from the scanned images. So, no more typing of the text from images, rather use this Easy Screen OCR and everything will be handled by it.
  • It offers a very simple operation. You do not have to upload anything. Rather just capture the screenshot and then copy the text.
  • The tool is very easy to install. No prior experience required to install and use this tool.
  • It recognizes and supports more than 100 languages all over the world. So, whatever language it is, you can be assured to get help from this excellent OCR tool.
  • This tool comes with the hotkey settings option which allows users to set their own hotkeys. It will make things much easier.
  • Easy Screen OCR also offer a free update, so get ready to enjoy the update services free like the tool.

This optical character recognition tool is too easy to use. However, if you are still wondering that how to use this software, then read the process here.

How Easy Screen OCR works?

  • First, download the software on your Windows PC. Next, install it which will bring an icon in the notification area of your Windows PC.
  • It comes with the hotkey settings. So, you can set a hotkey of your preference. Next, whenever you wish to use it, just launch the software from the notification area.
  • Use the hotkey then to select and capture some area of the PC screen.
  • The captured screenshot will appear in a small window. It will also accompany a button “OCR“.
  • Tap on that button and the text will be displayed to you under the “Text” tab. You can now copy the text, edit it or save it for later use.

So, this OCR tool is very effective to offer an accurate result. Just get it on your Windows PC and make every task much simpler with it.

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