Very often most of us keep losing important data accidentally and then look for all the possible ways to retrieve that lost data. Our computer, PC, mobile etc. store valuable sensitive information and if any case some of those data get vanished, the situation becomes really confusing. However, it is to say that data is never lost in real and can be retrieved easily using the perfect data recovery software. EaseUS Data Recovery is one such very useful software that eliminates the need to call any professional rather everything can be done at home easily. Here is a broader view on that software.

EaseUS Data Recovery- The Ultimate Solution To Accidentally Lost Data
EaseUS Data Recovery- The Ultimate Solution To Accidentally Lost Data

EaseUS Data Recovery is a free data recovery software that can be used to retrieve all kind of data in every platform. It works on every platform such as Windows, Android, iOS, Email recovery and Mac. Not just that rather you can use it for your SD Card Recovery as well. This software is again able to retrieve all types of files such as audio, video, documents, photos, compressed file etc. Here are the types of recovery which can be performed by the EaseUS Data Recovery software.

Deleted recovery

The data that you have deleted accidentally or unknowingly from the recycle bin and by pressing the shift+delete button can be retrieved through this software.

Format recovery

You are able to retrieve data from the formatted drive, partition, and card. The raw and inaccessible drive can be accessed through it for data recovery.

Partition loss

There are many reasons of partition loss such as re-partition, improper clone, boot manager etc. and all of these can lead to data loss. EaseUS Data recovery will allow you to retrieve data from th3e partition loss.


There are many other reasons of data loss such as virus attack, sudden power off, hard disk failure etc. All of them can be the reason of data loss. But not to worry anymore as EaseUS data recovery is always at your rescue from such situation.

The process to recover data using this powerful software is much simple and requires you to follow three easy steps. Just launch the software, scan the device and finally start recovering. That’s it.

Free and paid both the version is available. While the free version let you enjoy excellent data recovery features, the paid version will unlock even more features to leave you spellbound.


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