Duplicate photos share the largest part in total identical files on your device. These duplicate photos accumulate on your system over time due to various reasons like file sharing, file transfer, data backup, file downloading etc. These files not only occupy precious storage space but they also affect device performance negatively. You can find and remove these files manually where it takes lot efforts and time. Else you can use duplicate photo remover apps for instant and accurate results. These apps work on smart algorithms to find and delete duplicate photo files even from the remotest corners of your device. One such tool is Duplicate Photos Fixer, which offers numerous useful features to help you de-duplicate your device instantly and accurately.

Let’s discuss some of its features in this review.

Duplicate Photos Fixer

Features of the App

Multiple Scan Options

App supports multiple scan options, where you can select from camera images, full scan mode or you can select a specific folder on your device. This feature is useful to refine your search and get quick and accurate results.

Multiple Scan Options

It also displays Scan Settings option at the home page. Using this feature, you can set the matching level to find similar or exact looking files. It includes matching level from low to high, where low level suggests similar files and high-level display exact looking files. Alternatively, you can set Default level to find duplicate photo files.

Scan Process

Scan Process

Scan process offers instant and accurate results. It works on latest techniques and smart algorithms to help you find and clean all identical photos even from the remotest corners of your device. When full scan mode selected, it scans your complete device including SD card on it.

Scan Results

Scan Results

Results are displayed in groups in an auto-mark format where app marks all last files of the group for deletion. You can select “Unmark All” option to manually select the files. Results are displayed in an intuitive and user-friendly display which helps you manage your files effortlessly.

Clear cache

App provides clear cache option to clear cache of the app itself. Once cache is cleared, app will start a whole new search process next time.


Preview in duplicate photos fixer
Under Preview, you can view all files from the results before you delete them. Under Preview, it displays various file information like file size, image resolution, and path of the file. Here, you can find all identical files from the specific group in results. You can simply select any of these files to remove them. This is a useful feature to keep your important data untouched.


App supports all major language options around the world. It is useful for those users who prefer their native language to standard English language.

Verdict: Duplicate Photos Fixer is a state-of-the-art tool which is tailor made to fit everyone’s needs. It offers all competitive features to help you de-duplicate your device efficiently. It allows you to preview files before you delete them which helps you manage files appropriately. This is a useful tool to clean all unnecessary files and to recover valuable storage space. It also improves your device speed & performance significantly.

Strongly Recommended!

You can download Duplicate Photos Fixer on From Google Play Storegoogle play


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