To some point, we all feel the need of a software that can make our computer/laptop fast by removing the duplicate files and photos. There come the names of Easy Duplicate Finder and Duplicate Photo Cleaner.

Easy Duplicate Finder

The Easy Duplicate Finder comes with some interesting features that will scan and remove duplicate files and make your system fast. The software is easy to use and incredibly fast. Duplicate documents, emails, MP3s, photos, and videos will all be removed with the Easy Duplicate Finder.

Easy Duplicate Finder
Easy Duplicate Finder

The reports revealed by the Easy Duplicate Finder is accurate. Other tools with similar functions tend to make mistakes and give erroneous reports. There are many management tools that help in deleting the duplicates in no time. The results can be sorted by file type and the duplicate files detected by the tool such as videos, pictures, documents and songs can be previewed before deleting. If you think you deleted an important file by mistake the undo button will help to restore it back.

The interface of the software is easy to understand. The software uses a three step procedure to detect and delete duplicate files from your system.

  • The desired folders that you need to scan needs to be added using drag and drop and the file mask from the drop-down needs to be defined.
  • Click start to initiate the scan. You will be able to see the number of files that the software is scanning along with the details of space that they are taking. The export button will let you export the findings.
  • You now have the option to deselect, rename, move to a folder and delete the files you have selected.

Every function of the Easy Duplicate Finder worked fine.

You can download it here.

Duplicate Photo Cleaner

Another useful software from the same company is Duplicate Photo Cleaner.

Photos tend to occupy much space on your system. With the Duplicate Photo Cleaner, you can locate all the duplicate photos and delete them from your system and have a well-organized album. The intelligent scanner of the program compares pictures with ease and remove in no time. You will also create more space to add new pictures to the album.

Duplicate Photo Cleaner
Duplicate Photo Cleaner

Whether you have a huge picture gallery or a small one the program is perfect for both amateurs and professional photographers. The specialty of the Duplicate Photo Cleaner is that it tells you the similarity between the pictures. You can easily compare the pictures that have the same subject and keep the high-quality ones and dispose of the lower quality ones which you don’t require. The sorting of the photos can be done through edited, resized and converted images also.

There are three scanning modes in the program:

  • Sector Detail Scan
  • Folder Comparison
  • Standard Scan

Different modes compare pictures differently: while one will compare photos in grayscale the other will do it in colors. The algorithms and modes can be switched according to your requirement. All you need to do is drag the folders in the scan area begin the scan and see the results before you can delete the duplicate files. The program supports formats like GIF, JPG, RAW, TIGG, PNG and several others. Both your Mac and the personal computer can easily make use of this program.

You can download it here.


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