Duplicate File Finder & Remover is a freeware launched recently by Cleverfiles team. This application is available on App Store (http://apple.co/2jp5YM1) and the free Duplicate File Finder & Remover application is compatible with macOS Sierra 10.12 and later OS X (10.8.5).

Mac hard drives are always haunted by duplicate files since these files eat up valuable disk spaces. Duplicate files also make the hard drive appear messy and hence the need for such application arises that can quickly clean up the redundant data from the hard drive. But wait, the Duplicate File Finder & Remover software just doesn’t clean up duplicates from Mac HD but it also cleans up Xerox copies that are accumulated in Cloud storage.

Duplicate File Finder & Remover by Cleverfiles
Duplicate File Finder & Remover by Cleverfiles

So, if your Mac or Cloud space is filled with duplicate JPEGs, MP4s, GIFs, DMGs, PKGs, Emails, Docs, Excels, PDFs; then leave your Mac up to this free Duplicate File Finder & Remover software so that it can kick out the duplicate files meanwhile you invest your time on something more valuable.

The following duplicate files are a real pain on Mac – iTunes, Photo, iMovies etc. but thanks to Cleverfiles for providing a free utility that can help you maintain cleanness on your Mac.

Features of Duplicate File Finder & Remover

  1. Scans internal hard drives, folder, and different provided locations to extract duplicate files
  2. Batch selection for duplicate files is available in this application
  3. Previews duplicate data before cleaning
  4. Easily searches duplicates

Duplicate File Finder & Remover in Action

  1. Select your hard drive, Cloud or a location and click Scan buttonDuplicate File Finder & Remover by Cleverfiles
  2. Duplicate File Finder & Remover application collects all duplicates for your overview, once the scan is done.Duplicate File Finder & Remover by Cleverfiles
  3. Easily recovers back disk spaces by removing duplicates files

Duplicate File Finder & Remover by CleverfilesSo, Duplicate File Finder & Remover performs safe cleaning of duplicate files from Mac hard drives, folders, and Clouds without the risk of data loss. Having said this, the application itself comes from a trusted developer that has been providing data recovery software for computers for a long time.

Takeaway – It’s a free and 100% safe application that you must install without delay. Here goes the App store link https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/duplicate-file-finder-remover/id1152611077?mt=12


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