Wearable devices are becoming so popular that the increasing needs of such devices are compelling researchers to come out with something more intense that can be even worn as jewelry. While Apple first introduced their famous Apple Watch, people accepted it highly and now DuoSkin’s temporary tattoo is said to bring the same excitement among people.

This DuoSkin is being inspired by Microsoft researchers and MIT Media Lab, and their development is going to present us something exciting that will let users interact with wearable devices just by touching the skin.

Duoskin, The Golden Leaf Tattoos, A Wearable Device
Duoskin, The Golden Leaf Tattoos, A Wearable Device

According to the creator’s of DuoSkin, developing such small wearable devices requires huge expensive materials that are normally used in the medical industry. But thankfully golden leafs are the best solution to that as this material is skin friendly, tough for daily use and also a very user-friendly fabric.

These gold leaf tattoos are developed by the joint effort of Microsoft researchers and MIT Media Lab where the designs are crafted using the ordinary graphics software. Next, those designs are fed through a vinyl cutter after which the gold leaf is layered on the top. Electronics embedded allow the tattoo to connect with the devices. So, next you just need to wear it on the skin and that’s it.

One such tattoo which is being created by the researchers is a bracelet shaped developed with a strand of butterflies. Every butterfly has their own button using which the wearer can stream music to their mobile devices. Other applications include temperature sensing, mood communicating etc.

According to a research conducted by the DuoSkin researchers, people usually prefer a wearable device that looks normal rather than technology like a look and the temporary tattoos are designed such a way to meet the user’s preferences. They can go for any color, size or shape for using on their body.