In a sweat to frame robust new line of business, Dropbox is releasing a complete new set of features to continue attracting new users and sustain the older ones.

The best among the set is a tool in the mobile application which allows the business users to scan their documents and upload them to Dropbox directly. The notion is that there is a whole lot of business development and activity which is happening around the globe and Dropbox aspires to extend its services into it flawlessly.


Another facet is that of the OCR or Optical Character Recognition which will recognize the text on the scanned document and make it searchable within the app. The forte of Dropbox has always been speedy synchronization tools and core technology, the company is evidently inclined on that to form a distinguished produce. For now, the scanner and the other tools will be available for iOS consumers and the company doesn’t seem to have a direct answer to when it would be available to the Android users.

Some of the other features which are going to be released exclusively for the business users is ‘plus’ placed below the app using which the users can create PowerPoint, Word and Excel documents from the app and can also import documents they have scanned in Office documents. Ability to preview the earlier versions of documents is another new feature available.

Dropbox Has a Large Presence in The Market

With 500 million registered users, 500 Fortune companies and 150,000 paying enterprise customers Dropbox sure has a large presence in the market but there are some apps like Mailbox and Carousel which have also been focusing on improvising their tools.

As the company moves ahead with its new line of business, CEO Drew Houston has a great responsibility upon him whether or not he would be able to construct a robust sustainable industry in the form of commoditization of online storage.


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