There is good news for IT administrators who use Dropbox. The company announced on Wednesday about the new improvements of Dropbox that will make the lives of its users easier.

The company announced that it is rolling out a brand new redesigned interface which will let the administrator examine logs of user activity taking place within an organization. It is also rolling out new folders where one can easily create and manage a group workspace for teams. It is also enhancing the capabilities of mobile access management.

Dropbox Introduces New Features For Administrators
Dropbox Introduces New Features For Administrators

Dropbox has made these improvements so that large organizations also use it, apart from general consumer users. These improvements are made to gain new users, along with helping existing users. The company announced recently that 200,000 organizations have already subscribed to its offering.

Currently, the new features such as managing team folders are available in beta version. Administrators have to import users and their groups from systems such as Active Directory. Then, they have to carefully map those users to the respective team folders.

A sync management tool will help administrators to arrange which shared folders must be added to the computers of new users. Administrators can also manage access to important company data through a folder or sub-folder.

The HR team may create a folder meant for evaluation of employees. They will then share the sub-folders on each team with managers.

Dropbox Admin Console Will Make It Much Easier For People

The Dropbox Admin Console will make it much easier for people to get their important work done with the help of frequently used tools. A new enhanced log manager will help to find information on important things like when a file was deleted and when someone changed access to a particular file.

The company has announced that it will soon introduce new functionality that will allow administrators control the number of devices people can use for the purpose of accessing company data that is stored in Dropbox.

We are yet to see if the new improvements will be able to increase the number of organizations using Dropbox.


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