Simply under a year ago, Microsoft reported that it was opening up Office to allow deeper integration  with third-party cloud storage providers. Today, the organization uncovered that it is expanding on that commitment further, with new alternatives getting to be available over multiple platforms.

Outlook users on iOS and Android have been able to share and get to content from Box and Dropbox – and also Microsoft’s own OneDrive cloud service – for quite a while, but today, the organization announced that it is bringing Box and Dropbox integration to too:

In the coming weeks, users of the new can attach files from Dropbox, Box and OneDrive right from their inboxes and they have the alternative to send these files either as traditional attachments or as cloud-based connections.

Note that you’ll need to have been new Outlook Mail Preview on the web to be able to take new feature, as it won’t be available to the majority of users still on the older version of

The declaration follows the launch this week of Dropbox’s new application on Windows 10 PCs, which includes support for Windows Hello password-free biometric authentication.

Moreover, Office Online users can now take advantage of new real-time co-authoring features for documents stored on Box, Citrix ShareFile, Dropbox and Egnute.

Other partners on Microsoft’s Cloud Storage Partner Program (CSPP) can “enable real-time co-authoring using standard interfaces” from today as well.

Microsoft additionally declared an extension of the deep cloud storage integration that it’s already offered in Office on iOS and Android, which started with Dropbox. From today, it’s allowing other CSPP suppliers to offer similar integration in Office on iOS:

This integration gives users a chance to designate these partner cloud services as ““places”” in Office, pretty much as they can with Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox. Users can now search for PowerPoint, Word and Excel files on their favorite cloud service right from inside of an Office application. They can open, edit or create in these applications with confidence that their files will be updated right in the cloud. Users can also open Office files from their cloud storage application in Office, then save any changes directly back to the cloud. We’ll follow with other mobile platforms later this year.

This integration is currently available with Box on iOS, however Microsoft says that other partners, including Citrix ShareFile, Edmodo and Egnyte, will soon offer similar functionality in Office applications on iOS gadgets.


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