Dropbox has been a problem solver when it comes to file sharing and hosting. With hands full of this enterprise, Dropbox is aiming for future now. All set to launch new Paper Service public version against its major competitors in the market i.e. Google Docs and Microsoft Office 365.

A paper by Dropbox was launched last year in the market but in Beta version. Now this year, it plans to win more market share against the competitors. The collaboration between the coworkers is going to become easier and convenient. The cloud-based platform will allow users to manage shared documents by assigning different tasks and deadlines to various collaborators.

Dropbox aiming for more with Paper Service
Dropbox aiming for more with Paper Service

Focusing more on a variety of features from Dropbox, the company wants to focus more on team member’s convenience to share files without any problem in location. A Paper app will now be available on iOS and Android devices so that document and file sharing is possible without being online.

So far the Paper Web is available in 21 Languages that works best for bilingual teams who have a problem in converting. The documents can be turned into presentation slides that can be integrated with Google Calendar for Agendas and Meetings.

In the market, Paper is already being used by InVision, Ben & Jerry, Campaign Monitor, Patreon and Shopify but the company still wants to earn more. With major competition with Google Docs and Microsoft Office 365, Dropbox is keeping an eye to beat their share in the market.

In today’s workplace, people spend 61 percent of their time managing work rather than doing it,

according to Dropbox

That’s the equivalent of three days a week searching for information, slogging through emails, and navigating teamwork.

The new features on Paper are aimed at reducing those rates, the company said.


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