People in Helsinki might be surprised to see some driverless buses on the road of Hernesaari district in Helsinki as the city is currently testing some of the self-driving buses on the road. This trial will keep continuing until mid-September.

According to the lead of this project, Harri Santamala, this is really a big deal and nothing can be more important than having a traffic trial of these kinds. These kinds of test are among the first in the world and Finland could take the opportunity to lead this as the current legislation of that country do not require to have a drive in a vehicle on the road.

Driverless Buses Rolls Onto Helsinki’s Road
Driverless Buses Rolls Onto Helsinki’s Road

These buses are on the road of Helsinki until mid-September and definitely one day it can supplement the existing public transport. The bus named as EZ10 electric bus that is being used for the test run at a speed of 6 miles per hour and can carry up to 9 people.

Helsinki is, of course, one of the first cities to test driverless buses on street but it is not the one and only cities in Finland as another neighbouring city Vantaa too used this type of bus in their housing fair last month, however, it was used on streets that are shut off from other traffic at the same time.

While these kinds of self-driving buses and cars are developed by organizations, the main motto is to bring a supplement but not to replace the current vehicle completely. This kind of bus can be used as feeder service for high volume bus or the metro traffic such as Kutsuplus that was a municipally owned transportation service integrated with the Smartphone ride-hailing app, mobile payments, and the public transportation so as to help moving commuters’ around the city.


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