In the Dragon Quest Summer Festival, 2017 held in Tokyo, Japan; Square Enix revealed that they would be bringing the Dragon Quest Builders 2 to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

Switch platform is quite interesting as the Dragon Quest Builders have used the PhyreEngine which is an engine developed by Sony used mainly for hardware of PlayStation.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Will Soon Come to Switch and PS4
Dragon Quest Builders 2 Will Soon Come to Switch and PS4

Using PhyreEngine sounds logical as the game was released on Vita, PS3, and PS4. Which means the engine was customized and scalable across all the platforms mentioned.

This means that if Dragon Quest Builders 2 would have to either repurpose the PhyreEngine for Switch or begin everything once again with a different suite of middleware like the Unreal Engine 4 – the change is not going to be a pretty one. Presently there are no details known on which engine is being used by Dragon Quest Builders 2 but it seems to be altering up the gameplay.

Gliding will now be easier and will be quite useful compared to the earlier one whose design was quite a dizzying one. The blocks can the sequel can be built three times lower and higher while the player can swim and gather all resources underwater.

The first Dragon Quest Builders game was quite an exciting one and unveiling the secrets in it by completing all the challenges was extremely exciting. It was quite a fantastic experience to play the game on Vita and since it would now be coming to Switch the fans are quite thrilled about it.

There are no details on what the story of the new game would be. Also, there was no specific date or time mentioned about the release of Dragon Quest Builders 2 but it is definite that the game would be coming to Switch and PS4 in the near future.


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