Prior a year ago, we discovered that Bethesda was restoring the DOOM franchise. Furthermore, in spite of the fact that we were just treated to a teaser trailer, it looked like Bethesda and id Software would be doing the franchise justice, however it truly wasn’t sufficient to get a feeling for the game. With the game’s presentation approaching ahead, Bethesda has released a new “campaign” trailer that shows off the title and presents some intensely gory details.

If you’re a DOOM fan, you were just naturally excited by what you found in the teaser trailer. In any case, in the wake of viewing the trailer, it’s safe to say that the expectation level for the game has presumably been kicked up a notch or even two. The game offers all that you would expect from a DOOM title – guts, blood, “Cacodemons” and even an extremely serious closing scene with the ‘Baron of Hell’!

The title can be preordered via the official DOOM site or from your local game retailer. DOOM will be available for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC starting May 13th.


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