The new arcade mode of Doom has finally been launched and it is open for the masses to play and enjoy. The greatest thing about the new mode is that through it a lot of new features get added into the game such as with the arcade mode you can easily unlock all the guns, runes and can upgrade the suit as well.

Another added feature of the arcade mode is that the scoring system becomes multiplier-based which means that as a gamer you will be rewarded for your accuracy and aggression.

Equipment & Guns

You can play all the levels of the game with unlocked runes, equipment, and guns. You can also customize the guns, praetor suit and marine’s gear in the arcade mode. The arcade mode gives you the option to compete with other players playing the game worldwide. The more you attack the demons quickly the more score you will make.

Doom and the New Arcade Mode

The arcade mode consists of modes related to new multiplayer as well such as the Blood Rush and Team-based Possession. The former forces the players to keep filling the blood rush meter while the latter helps in pitting the marines against Prowlers.

The New Snap content consists of:

  • Props
  • Player deaths of classical nature
  • Campaign modules (Doom Classic)
  • Sounds
  • New Community Curation system (through this system as a player you can view maps which are newly published)

Finally, we would like to bring into the knowledge of our readers that the Doom update 4 gets installed and downloaded automatically however if for some reason this phenomenon does not happen then do not worry as you can easily restart your steam for smooth installation and downloading.

Arcade Mode Easily Be Purchased

The new mode can easily be purchased from your local store and there are plenty of online forums as well from where one can get this game downloaded.


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