In case the infamous “Error 53” wasn’t sufficient to contend with, there’s currently another risk being leveraged against iOS gadgets, one that could easily brick the most of Apple’s telephones and tablets.

The trick, or rather operating system flaw, being referred to just depends on a user resetting a device’s’s date to January 1st 1970. When set, if the gadget gets rebooted it gets permanently stuck. Connecting it to a PC in iTunes or booting into DFU mode appears to work but doesn’t really fix the issue. The telephone remains bricked. Indeed, except for some random anecdotal proof, there doesn’t seem to be much that a user can do to fix the issue. Some have recommended the gadget recovers by itself after a number of hours, while others claim to have had success in reviving their telephones by switching out the SIM card.

It’s not clear what’s causing the gadget to crash in such a spectacular manner, however there is some theory this may have something to do with a security feature, as replacing a device’s’s battery resets its date to 1st of January 1970. So simply like with Error 53, this may be some anti-tinkering system that is breaking down. In this way, Apple hasn’t addressed to the issue publicly.

Things get even worse when you consider that virtually all of Apple’s modern day iOS gadgets appear to be affected: anything running on a 64-bit chip, so going from the iPhone 5S to the latest 6s Plus, and additionally all iPads beginning with the original Air. In terms of operating systems the flaw has supposedly been confirmed on all versions of iOS from 8.0 up to 9.3.

The only good news here is that this flaw would be difficult to trigger accidentally, as a user needs to manually scroll for a couple of minutes before eventually landing on the first of January 1970 date in the iPhone’s time settings. Still, it’s probably best if you keep your iPhone far from your friends until this issue gets resolved.


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