Many unfortunate incidents can cause you to lose data from your iPhone. In this new age of constant technology, losing your data might sound very distressing as they might contain something confidential, or any other vital information like contacts, photos, messages, and more. PhoneRescue is an efficient data recovery program which enables you to retrieve all your lost data.

It is regarded as one of the most comprehensive tools for data recovery for iPhone and other iOS devices. The software is based on a custom design technology which could help you retrieve your precious data in the most secure manner.

A Distinct Data Recovery Program: PhoneRescue
A Distinct Data Recovery Program: PhoneRescue

Easy and Efficient Data Recover

The qualitative tool can be used on Windows PC and Apple OS as well. One of the highlighting features of the PhoneRescue is that it focuses on the recovery of up to 31 different type of files from various applications like Call log, SMS, Contacts, Notes, Photos, Music, and more.

This makes it stand out from any other data recovery program. It is also capable of recovering data from third-party applications. It can readily recover any kind of data irrespective of the consequences that the data loss occurred like in case of general damage, phone getting lost, factory restored, jailbroken, or even if it’s unsuccessfully upgraded.

PhoneRescue offers an interactive and user-friendly platform to use which enables the user to use the software without any hurdles.

Choose and Recover

The recovery tool equips you with the capacity to surf through different files and recover to select the ones that you require. This essentially decreases the time consumed in the retrieval process and does not take up any extra storage space, making the process efficient and more convenient.

Modes of Recovery

PhoneRescue comes with 3 advanced modes of recovery, which definitely improves the chances of retrieval of the data.

By scanning your iPhone with the help of your computer, you can export the data to your desktop. The quality recovery mechanism successfully retrieves your lost data and files.

And in case your device was stolen or lost, the software allows you to export the backup from iTunes account as well. The software can also recover data saved on your iCloud account, giving you full access to all of your data. Thus, it is also functional even if the phone is not connected to your computer.

PhoneRescue functions at its best to retrieve your data in an unparalleled manner. It allows you to recover data under any condition, making it one of the finest in data recovery with high success rate.

So, go ahead and try this top-tier iPhone and other iOS devices data recovery program.

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