According to the latest news, the dispute between Apple and the FBI continues. In some of the news, Federal Bureau was achieved to hack the iPhone used by the terrorist in San Bernardino assault. On the other hand, the government still wants Apple’s favor to solve the situation.

FBI claimed that it doesn’t need Apple’s help to get into the device. Because of a tool was used to hack the attacker’s phone. The tool called “IP Box” and meant to get over the 10-try limit. According to Apple, this flaw was repaired but it is not known if there is an unknown flaw exists.

Apple still refuses to help to make an alternate version of iOS that makes it possible to unlock the attacker’s iPhone. Apple thinks that move makes it possible to unlock any iOS device without an effort and the people’s privacy would be reachable by everyone who wants it from the FBI.

Apple stays focused on-device encryption and will keep battling this legitimate matter.

A judge initially gave the order for Apple to give “reasonable technical assistance” to the FBI on February 1, however, the case was simply unsealed on April 8. Apple has not followed the request.

Apple’s lawyers said that they hope, Judge Margo Brodie will press the FBI on why Apple’s assistance is necessary for this situation.

Apple’s thinks not to sue the Federal Bureau, and the FBI’s choice to drop its complaint against Apple in the San Bernardino case propose the issue is fading away between both sides. However, the encryption dispute stays contentious between Apple the FBI’s guardian office, the U.S. Department of Justice, which uncovered on Friday it plans to keep pushing to constrain Apple to open an iPhone at the center of a Brooklyn drug trafficking case.


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