Oh Dear! I ended up deleting my Android data accidentally.

Let me unfold how it happened. My smart phone gave me a message of internal memory near full. Though I keep my mobile backed up all the time, that day, unfortunately, I couldn’t due to a network issue. I hurryingly selected over 100 pictures and videos in the impression that I don’t need them. Further, I pressed the trash button and banged. All files were removed instantly.

DiskLab for Android – Really Wonderful Software to HaveHowever, thanks to my quick acquaintance I came to know about DiskLab Android Data Recovery software for Windows. Fortunately, the software comes with a free trial. And next, I am going to show you how this software works in scenarios when you have formatted your mobile, reset the device or lost your valuable items though any means.

Software Specifications

  1. File name – disklab_for_android
  2. File type – .exe
  3. File size – 12.1 MB
  4. Installation Process – As other .exe files
  5. RAM – 1 GB
  6. Drive Space – 50 MB
  7. Android Support – 2.0 till 6.0
  8. Windows Support – Windows 10 till XP

Software Impression

I personally liked the GUI of DiskLab because it’s simpler and possesses a fresh look and feel. The UI informs that the data recovery process from the Android smart phone can be achieved in three steps easily.

  1. Connecting mobile to the PC
  2. Identifying the mobile device
  3. Scan the device to recover data
DiskLab for Android - Connect Phone to PC
DiskLab for Android – Connect Phone to PC
  1. Using the data transfer cable, connect your device to PC and launch DiskLab.
  2. Now, to make the software identify your mobile you need to root and turn on debugging.
  3. Once the mobile is rooted successfully you can scan the device and later recover all the data.
DiskLab for Android - Ready to Scan
DiskLab for Android – Ready to Scan

Preview Data

DiskLab completes the scan and recovers several files such as Messages, Contacts, Notes, Gallery, Media Files, Documents, WhatsApp Video, and Images. This software allows you to get a preview of files in the demo version.

DiskLab for Android - Recover From Android Phone
DiskLab for Android – Recover From Android Phone

Finally, select what data you want back and click recover button to restore files.

Additional Features

Factory Reset Recovery – Promises to recover data that has been eliminated due to Android factory reset or ROM flashing. Simply, follow the above process and recover your Android smart phone.

Crash Recovery –  Restores data that got deleted due to an application crash or failure.

SD Card Recovery – DiskLab not just recover deleted data from the internal memory but it saves back files deleted from an SD card too.

DiskLab is tested with major brands such as Samsung, HTC, Sony, Google, Motorola, and LG. Further, DiskLab is available for 30 day trial period. Go and grab it now.



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