While AMD has already announced their three X series Threadripper CPUs, but one more Threadripper CPU is also on their list which is not disclosed yet. Threadripper 1920 is that officially unannounced CPU which is been leaked very recently from some of the motherboard vendor’s CPU support pages.

Here Is All The Details Of Unannounced Threadripper 1920 CPU By AMD
Here are All The Details Of Unannounced Threadripper 1920 CPU By AMD

The officially announced Threadripper CPUs from AMD are:

  • 16 core Threadripper 1950X
  • 12 core Threadripper 1920X
  • 8 core Threadripper 1900X

So, these are the CPUs that have an X designation with them while the unannounced CPU, 1920 is the cousin of 12 core Threadripper 1920x which is a non-X one.

All the officially announced Threadripper CPUs by AMD is set to release this coming August 10 but any information regarding the official announcement or release date of that unannounced Threadripper 1920 is not revealed. Also, anything about the price of the CPU is not mentioned anywhere.

Threadripper 1920 CPU is spotted first on the website for Gigabyte, ASRock, and ASUS. The mentioned features of the CPU on those websites are explained here.

Specifications of Threadripper 1920 CPU

  • Threadripper 1920 CPU is a 12 core 24 Thread processor clocked at 3.2GHz to 3.8GHz. So, the clock rate is slightly lesser than its cousin 1920X processor which is clocked at 3.5GHz to 4GHz.
  • It requires low power as compared to other X series Threadripper CPUs. While the 1920X is rated 180W, the non-X CPU is rated as 140W.
  • AMD has integrated 6MB L2 cache and 32MB L3 cache in the Threadripper 1920 CPU.

So, the specification indicates that this CPU is designed to help users enjoy a fast and lag free performance.

While the announced Threadripper CPUs are priced at $1000, $799 and $550 respectively, the price of 1920 CPU is not disclosed anywhere. However, we expect it to range between $799 and $550.


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