This aggression may destroy us all by nuclear or biological war. We need to control this inherited instinct by our logic and reason

A warning has been issued by Stephen Hawking that technology must be controlled to keep it off obliterating us.

Technology is going to destroy human race without a "World Government", opined by Stephen Hawking
Technology is going to destroy human race without a “World Government”, opined by Stephen Hawking

The global physicist, who, in past, has given views in terms of the threats artificial intelligence posed, has a belief that human race needs to set up something to recognize dangers rapidly before they take an opportunity to shoot up.

He says in The Times that since the beginning of civilization; aggression has remained valuable in explicit survival benefits.

He further says that technology has progressed at such a speed now that this aggression has become a big threat of destruction by biological or nuclear war. He opined that human race must control this innate impulse by reason and logic.

According to him, the best thing in this matter is “World Government“. But he fears the problems it itself could generate.

He suggests the idea of world government also associating the word ‘tyranny’ with it. But he calls himself and optimist and sees us capable to fight off the challenges.

Mr. Hawking opined in a Reddit AMA during 2015 that AL would become so mighty that it would rise to destroy human race wholly involuntarily.

Mr. Hawking is not the only person warning us against upcoming challenges of technology; Tesla CEO Elon Must gave an outlook highly akin to what Hawking says. He currently warned that human race is facing a threat of getting irrelevant.

He sees an upcoming danger by the closer merging of biological intelligence and digital intelligence. He alarms that we could merge with techs in coming years just to keep up.


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