Developer Bungie released the latest patch for Destiny 2 today early morning. The patch fixes one of the most annoying bugs that the players use to face – tower crashes.

The Hotfix went live a little after 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET / 4 PM BST today, October 11 (2 AM AEDT on October 12). The maintenance was set to run for six hours and there was no downtime required. Although the patch from Bungie fixed just one thing, it also happens to be the most important thing. Players have been facing Tower crashing problems since the release of the game. It could be called a bug fixer rather than a new feature introduced.

Destiny 2 Players Can Relax Now – Tower Crashes Have been Fixed
Destiny 2 Players Can Relax Now – Tower Crashes Have been Fixed

As the Destiny 2 campaign is over the games leaves the Farm for a new space, the Tower. This Tower is not the same as Destiny. This new Tower is stationed in the shadow of the Traveler and it is the base of operation of Vanguard. Master Rahool, Suraya Hawthorne, Gunsmith and other Vanguards friends and vendors come to this Tower. It is here that you collect lost items from the Postmaster.

If you want to continue with the quest you need to talk to an ally so they can give you tokens in exchange of loot so you can access your vault. Getting inside a Tower became more difficult than a raid for the players. One instance reported of as many as six crashed in a row when the player attempted to visit the Tower.

In short, the players of Destiny 2 have to visit the Tower several times and while doing so the game crashed. The patch has been made available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

What Bungie did not mention is that the problems that were reported on the Tower crashes came from PlayStation 4 players and not Xbox One.

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