Ever felt that you need to take your product branding to the next level? This can be done with the help of the right type of pictorial material. By this, we are referring to posters which can be circulated both on offline and online portals. There are hundreds of different posters making software’s on the market today. One of them is DesignCap which is an innovative software for making amazing posters.

Let us see how good this poster making software really is.

Salient Features of the Software

DesignCap Poster Making Software
DesignCap Poster Making Software

A Stockpile of Free Poster Templates

There are hundreds of free templates to choose from. Pick the one which is best suited to your requirements and make the necessary edits on the same template. You can now create different posters for almost anything all at relative ease.

Armor of Free Resources

You can now improve your posters with some very useful clipart images, funky shapes, fonts and lots more. You don’t have to be a design professional to get all of this done. Everything is very easy and can be added to your poster very easily.

Customize Your Poster However You Want

The software contains a host of useful tools with which you can make edits to your design as you wish. It’s not the simple cut and paste tools we’re talking about, these are some pro-level tools which no software provides.

Free to Download

While most other software’s in the market are all available on trial versions with most of their useful tools locked for purchase, DesignCap gives you complete access to the tool chest. You can create the very best of posters and all at no cost. All you to do is download it for free and run it on your system.


  • The best part about this software is that its free to use.
  • You can choose from a variety of hundreds of free templates.
  • Highly customizable as per requirements


  • More information on the software developers must be provided.

Final Verdict

As part of our review of this rather interesting poster making software, we can conclude that it is a great design tool and can help you take your product brand to the next level. We recommend it to anyone who wishes to make the best of posters and all at no cost.

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