If you’re a customer or developer searching for an extraordinary laptop and you’re wondering what to choose between Microsoft’s Surface Book, Apple’s MacBook Pro, and Dell’s XPS 13, yet you’d love to have it accompanied Ubuntu pre-installed, the new XPS 13 Developer Edition might be the best alternative for you.

Dell’s CTO, Barton George, has as of late declared via his blog that the organization’s Project Sputnik laptop line refresh is currently available, marking the 5th generation of the XPS 13 Developer Edition with 3 brand new i7 configurations, with a fourth i5 configuration in progress:

  • i7/8GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, QHD + T (3200 x 1800) display, Intel 8260 Wireless
  • i7/16GB RAM, 512 GB SSD, QHD+T (3200 x 1800) display, Intel 8260 Wireless
  • i7/16GB RAM, 512 GB SSD, QHD+T (3200 x 1800) display, Intel 8260 Wireless
  • i5/8GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, FHD+T (1920 x 1080) display

Because it accompanies Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, you can rest guaranteed that you won’t get any bloatware headaches as you would with the Windows 10 variation, yet the cost, in any case, is another story, with the cheapest i7 alternative running you $1550, so remember that if you are searching for a budget-oriented gadget.

Notwithstanding that, Dell’s Ubuntu based Precision line offers a somewhat more extensive scope of choices, from an affordable ($876) 15″ Skylake i5, 4GB of RAM, with HDD capacity and with a lower-quality display, and up to a 17″ mobile workstation with a Xeon processor, 64 GB RAM, professional AMD graphics, and a calibrated 4K Ultra HD display that will break your bank.

George says; Dell plans to upgrade the laptops to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS beginning one month from now, and that the Sputnik line of laptops is the “ideal platform for Docker”, a technology that even Microsoft integrates with Azure, as it has demonstrated extremely well known with cloud developers.


  1. Nothing new here. I have been rescuing Win-xp and Vista machines for several years now with Ubuntu. Older Win-98 laptops handle Puppy Linux 5.7, XP laptops come back to life with Lubuntu, the lighter version of Ubuntu and Vista machines run the latest versions of Ubuntu quite nicely. The neighbor’s kids had many of their Steam account games running in Ubuntu in a weekend. My laptop, a former Vista platform Dell D410 is running a full version pre release of Ubuntu 16.04. I have built several low dollar desktops loaded with Ubuntu that saved the $100 payment to Microsoft. My wife’s kitchen computer, a MSI board with native HDMI, topped with an AMD A-6, is running Ubuntu 14.04 without a hitch for 2 years now.


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