Recently, Delft University of Technology has brought in front of the world its amazing solution to sleeplessness.

They have introduced a wonder pillow with sensors to treat issues related to sleeplessness and provide a soothing song to the owner.

Delft University of Technology Introduced A Wonder Treatment for Sleeplessness
The Delft University of Technology Introduced A Wonder Treatment for Sleeplessness

They have given the name Somniacs to their wonder invention that will be the ultimate solution to restlessness, mental tension, stress and mental conflict creating sleeplessness at night begetting various other health issues.

The expert has made their invention enable to solve the growing problem by inserting robotic technology in a pillow.

The details show that the scientists drive at making the lives of people easier and more comfortable by inventing this robot pillow – Somniacs.

This product’s smart technology can understand the physical and mental restlessness of a person and attempts to soothe and pacify him/her. Doing so, it compels a person to ultimately enter the realm of sleep and comfort at last.

The pillow has a system for the user that can make the respiratory system of the person better and balanced, hence producing calm and comfort to catch sleep.

Along with making respiratory system balanced, it can brighten or darken light on the basis of requirement and brings total mental and physical comfort to invite sleep.

If the person feels restlessness, the pillow responses by singing a lullaby to relax and pacify him/her, so that the person may unintentionally go into the realm of peace and relaxation through sound sleep.

The pillow has lots of sensors in it, and it works through an artificial intelligence system to bring peaceful and sound sleep to the owner.

It is a surprising and never-before-tried technology to invite fast and sound sleep.

The experts call it an impressive solution to the person frequently restless at nights.


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