The most popular chat application WhatsApp owned by Facebook is highly praised by the experts for the security it provides with its end to end encryption. Just a few months back, Facebook has rolled this feature to secure their chat application even more but a recent research has revealed something different picture.

Unfortunately, These Deleted Chats Can Be Accessed

According to the research conducted by an iOS expert Jonathan Zdziarski the chat logs in WhatsApp stay intact even after they are deleted or archived from the phone and unfortunately these deleted chats can be accessed by all those have a physical access to the device or by law enforcement by issuing a warrant to the tech giant Apple for iCloud backup.

Research reveals deleted Whatsapp messages are not deleted completely
Research reveals deleted Whatsapp messages are not deleted completely

The main reason is even though the messages are deleted from the app, they are actually not overwritten in the SQLite database library, as a result, the chat logs linger on the phone. The researcher further went on to explain his experiment and stated that he installed WhatsApp on his smartphone after which he deleted some of the messages from the app, archived some of them and some messages were cleared. He then performed one more step to clear the message from WhatsApp by running “clear all chats”. But nothing made any differences and all the messages were intact on the device. The only way to delete the chat logs from your phone is to uninstall the app totally from your phone.

However, WhatsApp is not the one and the only app to have this kind of issue rather iMessage too is in the same line and other apps like Work and Signal leave few forensic traces. But there is nothing to worry about for the users of WA as the chances of exporting these forensic data are really limited. With all these, the researcher Zdzirski has provided some advice for WA users which states:

  • Set a long and complex backup password in iTunes for your phone, also the password should not be stored in the keychain.
  • Disable the iCloud backup and
  • Periodically delete the app from your device