Lost your data accidentally? If you are thinking that you have lost them for good, then worry no more. iBoysoft is a free data recovery software for both Windows & Mac that helps you recover your lost data with much ease. iBoysoft is a highly effective data recovery software that specializes in a myriad of data recovery activities for both Windows and Mac systems.

iBoysoft can be considered as an all-in-one free data recovery software used to recover deleted, damaged or lost files even when these are emptied from the Recycle Bin of your Windows or from the Mac Trash.

Secure Your Data with iBoysoft Free Data Recovery Software
Secure Your Data with iBoysoft Free Data Recovery Software

In addition to this, this excellent software can also be used to recover data from formatted, RAW, inaccessible data, corrupted, lost or deleted partition, recover data from the unmountable or unreadable hard drive, and so more.

iBoysoft data recovery toolkit comes with three specialized data recovery products that perform specific functions.

  1. iBoysoft Data Recovery: This is a complete data recovery software used to recover deleted or missing files, recover lost data from RAW files, or even lost, inaccessible, and deleted the partition in Windows. You can download this software as it comes in an offering of two special editions as:
  • iBoysoft Data Recovery Free edition
  • iBoysoft Data Recovery Professional edition
  1. iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery: iBoysoft extends its data recovery service not only to Windows but also to Mac systems. The special iBoysoft Mac data recovery software can be used to recover emptied Mac Trash, restore data from the inaccessible, formatted, unreadable, or unmountable drive in the Mac systems. This software also comes in a two edition package:
  • iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery free edition
  • iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery professional edition
  1. iBoysoft Drive Manager: This is another handy tool of the iBoysoft data recovery package. An easy-to-use tool for the Mac users for mounting, unmounting, and ejecting hard drive, network drive, and USB flash drive with any loss of data. This tool can also be used to support the read/write action of the NTFS drive.

If you have little or no prior data recovery skills, then you must try our this simple and highly effective free data recovery tool. This tool comes completely virus-free and is a reliable data recovery software for restoring as much as 1 GB of data with just a single click. Try it out for yourself!


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