An increase in data caps and enforcement expansion on home internet services would be provided by AT&T. the company announced it recently for better user experience. Similar to Comcast’s data cap system, more customers will have to pay extra $10 for additional usage over the 50GB limit.

Data Caps Boost for Home Internet by AT&T
Data Caps Boost for Home Internet by AT&T

The customers would also be able to enjoy unlimited data at just $30 per month by AT&T. there won’t be any further charges on TV in a bundle and AT&T internet purchase. The AT&T’s wireline U-Verse TV system Direct TV satellite bundles would be applied for it. A 150 monthly cap on the DSL gets enforcement by AT&T. The charges of $10 or $100 a month of the Overage fee would be applied to it.

Good News is that there would be no changes in DSL data caps which have been announced by the company. The company would update via email and it won’t have any charges in the first bill cycle when you reach 100% of data.

However, there is still a limit of 100 GB for unlimited data. The company also shared that 8 percent of the customers can only use data more than 300GB. The customers of AT&T TV and Mobile services would get unlimited smartphone data plans.

The new data allowance of 1 TB is for the speed of 100 Mbps and 1 Gbps. On the other hand, the users would be able to get 400 hours of video streaming. The largest broadband internet services provider of the internet has a  lot to offer this year for the customers.


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