Cyanogen is going through a major cut down in their staff according to report from Recode and Android Police. The company has employed 136 people and according to the report 30 of them are already laid off which is around 22% cut down in staff worldwide.

It is also reported that the cut down is on the team who are being involved in developing the alternative Android ROM. And it is to see if more staff will be added in this layoff list.

Cyanogen Lays Off Its Employees, Plans to Switch Strategy
Cyanogen Lays Off Its Employees, Plans to Switch Strategy

There is a Change in The Strategy in Cyanogen

The report has again stated that there is a change in the strategy in Cyanogen and they are most probably planning to shift their focus from OS to app development . The newly appointed chief operating officer Lior Tal is currently overseeing the strategy who was primarily on Facebook.

This company mainly grew out of CyanogenMod, the open source project which created a customized version of Android. CyanogenMod’s CEO Kirt McMaster has went on to blame Google for controlling the Android OS in January 2015 in an interview with The Information and his comment during that interview indicated the desire to shift towards app development after moving away from its Google-centric Android version.

CyanogenMod made its way in OnePlus One as a standard alternative of Android, however the partnership did not go well and it fell down during the next year. Later the company did a partnership with Yu Televentures, the sister brand of Micromax, but sadly that company too went on to build their own ROM.

While many might think that the company would eliminate CyanogenMod completely for shifting its focus towards app, but the true story is that they have plan to bundle some Microsoft’s productivity apps along with its own ROM and Cyanogen also raised money from Microsoft for that purpose.


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