A recent wave of clever phishing attacks has hit Gmail users. The attacks were highly sophisticated in their design and targeted people with sensitive information. Phishing is a hacking method that redirects users to seemingly legitimate web pages and then inquired about certain details the hacker needs from them.

In this case, the E-mail would users to a very legitimate sign in at Google. Even the location bar would read “accounts.google.com” so it that no one would be suspicious. It is thought that Google knew of a chink in its defenses and has toughened them up after the recent wave of hits.

Cunning Phishing Attack Outsmarts Even the Most Experienced Users
Cunning Phishing Attack Outsmarts Even the Most Experienced Users

Google is now using machine learning to detect this sort of phishing. They are also using two-factor security authentication measures, such as using security keys for G Suite customers to further enhance the security of the E-mails of important individuals.

Although the recent changes in the Chrome and Firefox web browser have beefed up their security, there is still a great variety with which phishing can be done. Very realistic and authentic web pages can be made and users redirected to them.

Experts say this is due to the increase in sophistication of the hackers who have evolved to cope with the evolving security measures. They can stay in the shadows of the internet to and rework their attacks till they get them just right and then strike.

However, a major problem with securing the data of certain important individuals is that it cannot be done without compromising on their ability to do their job, and many companies already know this. It is thought that Google will likely use image recognition and URL filtering to try and stop this ongoing assault on its users’ security.


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