It is been long enough since a Windows 10 was firstly introduced. Despite this long period, most of the people still do not know about some useful features of this latest operating system from Microsoft. Here we have compiled the list that reveals most of them.

Setup Cortana

Windows 10 - Setup Cortana
Windows 10 – Setup Cortana

Cortana is digital assistance by windows digital voice response assistance. It responds according to the information it knows about it. Triggers can be set to wake it up at certain events. It responds to certain voice phrases as well. For instance, “Hey Cortana!” can be used to wake the app up and ready for answering the requests.


It is a great feature for those running Windows 10 on convertible laptops or those with touchscreen utility. When using PC in tablet mode, this feature is going to enhance your experience at fullest. Ultimately, this feature enhances Windows 10 user experience that is operating on tablets or convertible/touchscreen laptops.

Virtual Desktops

Windows 10 introduces an entirely new feature named virtual desktop. You can work on multiple desktops by simply clicking on multiple screen icon located near search icon. The same button is used to switch between various virtual desktops you create. Any number of desktops can be created.

New Mailing Utility

New Mailing Utility
Windows 10 – New Mailing Utility

Latest email service client is used with most of the latest versions of windows. However, it is ignored by most of the windows users. Moreover, the email client included in windows 10 is much better. Following are some plus points:

  • Collapsing conversations
  • Preview panel
  • Integrated buttons for contact and calendar apps
  • Capable of managing multiple accounts from different providers

New Windows 10 Shortcuts

Windows key is involved in most of the new shortcuts presented in Windows 10 for the first time. Here you go:

  • Windows + tab opens task view and multiple virtual desktops menu
  • Windows + arrow keys are used to move active windows to various corners/sides of screen
  • Windows + Ctrl + D creates a new virtual desktop and redirects you there
  • Windows + C will wake up Cortana to respond to your voice
  • Windows + S would bring up daily glance of Cortana displaying weather reports, sports, etc news
  • Various shift key and arrow key combinations are also involved for command line operators

Using OneDrive Cloud Syncing

Free cloud service offered in Windows 10 makes it possible to sync multiple devices for free. All email accounts, Windows setup, and settings would be synced along with user data, without even requiring authenticating. This feature can be activated in settings and then on the account page.

Adding Xbox Account

Adding Xbox Account
Windows 10 – Adding Xbox Account

It is true that not everyone is fortunate enough to own an Xbox. However, those lucky lads can use Xbox app of Windows 10 for using their PC as a portal for various gaming connections and activities. Xbox one is now capable of streaming gameplay to a laptop over WiFi connection.

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