How about controlling the Xbox one console through voice commands such as Alexa and Cortana? Microsoft has made this finally possible. They have just announced that users can now control their Xbox one through Alexa and Cortana.

Microsoft has also released an Xbox One skill that will do the job. This skill will allow all the Alexa Enabled Devices to control Xbox One. So, devices like Sonos, Echo will do the job hassle-free. The new Xbox skill will launch any game, capture screenshots can adjust the volume and more when asked. So, what can be better than this?

Control Your Xbox One Console Through Alexa And Cortana
Control Your Xbox One Console Through Alexa And Cortana

Here is how to use Alexa and Cortana to control the Xbox One

Alexa: In order to use the new feature with Alexa, users first need to sign in with their Amazon account. Next, link the Microsoft account to the skill.

Cortana: In case of Cortana, the process differs slightly. First, you need to sign in to the Xbox One console. Now sign in with the Microsoft account. Finally, link the skill on Windows 10 PC. That’s it!

Now, you can order or ask anything to Alexa or Cortana. You can ask Alexa to open Netflix in your Xbox. And it will do the job accordingly.

It sounds very interesting

Microsoft has also stated that this new Xbox skill will not just work with Windows 10 PC and Amazon Echo Speaker. Rather all the voice-powered devices will work with the skill to control your Xbox One.

Now, the company is releasing Alexa support for Xbox One to the US Xbox Insider. They will test it and will provide their valuable feedback. The company will then decide things based on the received feedback from the Xbox Insiders.

Who knows if you are the one to receive this new feature? To check it, just go to Settings > Devices on the console and then check if the Digital Assistant option is available there. That’s it!

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