Microsoft has revised its Xbox One S Controller so that it can work with the steam link.

The major change came when valve updated the steam Link that is used for streaming the game. Link has become compatible with the Xbox On your PC or your TV. This allows for in-home game streaming with the Steam Link device. Now the Steam Link has become compatible with Xbox One S controller and you will be able to use it with your USB cable and also with the Bluetooth.

The Steam link is the most commonly used device for the streaming purposes and now that it has become compatible with Xbox One S controller, it is the best news for the game lovers. But, for the device to work with your Xbox One S controller you must update your Xbox One S controller. This can be done by first connecting Xbox One S controller to the Xbox One or to your Personal Computer. This helps your device to become a wireless controller for your PC when you play the game.

How To Connect The Steam Link With Xbox One S Controller
How To Connect The Steam Link With Xbox One S Controller

Many people find it irritating to use the gamepad because it is a source of distraction and slows the game considerably. Also, it needs you to be fixated to your PC or your gaming console which again is not so desirable situation. With Steam Link you can control your game from a distance with the use of the wireless system. This enables you to have better mobility and thus better control while you are playing your favorite game. Here are the steps that would help you to connect your Xbox One S controller

  • First of all, you need to boot up your Steam Link
  • Then let the device update
  • Open the Bluetooth from the setting and click on the connection button
  • Then go to the list of devices where you will find Xbox wireless controller; select it.
  • After the controller’s light stops blinking you can just start playing.
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  1. Found the fix. You need to update the controllers firmware with an Xbox One. The windows app does not work and it must be done through an Xbox One. I used a neighbors since I don’t own one but you can try a gamestop as well. After updating it connects and works fine.

  2. I have the same problem. Steam link shows a connection but the controller continues to blink. Everything is up to date. Very aggravating.

  3. “After the controller’s light stops blinking you can just start playing.”
    Mine is not doing that at all. It keeps blinking even though my Steam link detects it, and I connect to it. You have to turn on the controller first, don’t you (press the big X button)? If I press my connect button first (located on top of controller, by the left shoulder button) nothing happens.
    What exactly am I doing wrong?


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