There has been some serious competition in the console game industry between Microsoft and Sony. The former is the pioneer of Xbox and the latter is the innovator of PlayStation. Both these consoles have good demand in the market and both consoles have a different set of values associated with them.

Latest statistics of last three month July, August, and September reveal to us the fact that the sales of Xbox were much higher than PlayStation. The situation is surely surprising and it can be termed as a major change as well.

Game Console Competition of Xbox One PlayStation 4
Game Console Competition of Xbox One PlayStation 4

Factual evidence tells us that the best console currently available in the world is PlayStation4 and at the moment there are more than 40 million PlayStation4 Consoles available in the market.  The initial success of PlayStation was so huge that Microsoft stopped revealing its sales figures of Xbox One.

However, since July 2016 the market has observed a major change as Xbox One has beaten the sales of PS4 with good numbers especially if we keep into consideration the month to month sales. After some analysis, we have come up with following reasons that have contributed to this major change. These reasons are as follows

  • There are too many PS4 consoles in the market and people have purchased these consoles in good numbers hence the demand has decreased big time
  • Some of the games that have been produced by Xbox recently are exclusive. Games like Gears of War 4 and Forza Horizon 3 have really been appreciated by the Masses.
  • Exclusively the reason for the rise of Xbox Sales in September is due to the introduction of Xbox One S. The New Version has really attracted the masses towards it due to its slim and prettier look.  Subsequently, the games are good and prices pretty low too.

So far the trend is in favor of Xbox however we believe that this trend will shift as the launch of PS4 PRO is just around the corner.


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