The largest social networking site is continuously working to push the video section and Facebook Live is the best instance of that. And now, the giant company is adding a new feature that will let its users upload video in the comments to make the conversation more engaging and immersive. This feature will allow users expressing them more efficiently through videos. This feature is now available worldwide where the users can upload videos in post shared by people and pages, while the feature works well within event and groups as well.

The Comments Section Now Supports Videos
The Comments Section Now Supports Videos

According to Facebook engineer Bob Baldwin, this feature was developed by them in a recent Hackathon held by the company. He is the one to lead his team in creating this feature. The team includes Sameer Madan, Hermes Pique, Billy Ng, Muhammed Ibrahim and they are working for different platforms such as Android, iOS and Web to bring the feature. Bob Baldwin also worked to add features which now allow users to add stickers and pictures in comment and these are used now widely in Facebook. The addition of videos in comment section made it more interesting that allow access to multimedia features such as link, emojis, photos, sticker and now videos.

Videos in Comments Pretty Simple Which is Similar to Uploading Pictures

Uploading video in comment is pretty simple which is similar to uploading pictures. It requires you to tap on the camera icon located next to comment field and the video will be uploaded. The feature is supported in Android, iOS and web.

Adding video on Facebook allow it to earn more revenue as the ads on videos offer higher rates and this is obvious for the social network to keep their eyes on video for more revenue generation after all this is the only way to fetch revenue while the users are not charged anything for using the social networking sites.