codeSpark Academy, the award-winning computer science education platform for kids ages 5 to 10, is teaming up with one of the world’s most beloved kids’ brands, Peanuts, to release today, Snoopy Snow Brawl, a free-to-play game that introduces little learners to fundamental computer science and coding concepts.

Snoopy Snow Brawl ignites a passion for programming through a fun game with recognizable and lovable Peanuts characters. The multi-player coding game encourages young kids to use problem-solving, strategy and algorithms in a snowball fight between Woodstock and his bird friends that Snoopy referees.

codeSpark Academy Teams With Peanuts Worldwide To Launch Debut Learn To Code Game, Snoopy Snow Brawl
codeSpark Academy Teams With Peanuts Worldwide To Launch Debut Learn To Code Game, Snoopy Snow Brawl

Kid coders can engage in silly battles with or against friends, or against the computer, in either one-on-one or two-on-two challenges. Other features and functionality include:

  • A warm, engaging and familiar Peanuts experience
  • Interactive puzzles
  • Step-by-step tutorial
  • Word-free block-based programming
  • Four different stages for learners at every level
  • Authentic Peanuts music and voices
  • A game that is a perfect match for the holiday season and the annual excitement around A Charlie Brown Christmas

We are so honored to have been asked to create a new category of the coding game with one of the world’s most-loved brands. The rich legacy of the Peanuts gang inspires our team and with Snoopy Snow Brawl we believe we’ve created a learn-to-code game for youngsters that live up to the brilliance of Charles M. Schulz and encourages a lifetime love of learning.

Said Grant Hosford, Co-founder, and CEO of codeSpark Academy.

The game focuses on the concept of sequencing and allows players to practice their coding skills in a variety of silly and fun ways. Research has shown that after just three sessions with codeSpark Academy, kids score 22% higher on sequencing tests. Skill with sequencing has a direct and positive correlation with improved math and reading scores.

Coding also requires kids to think critically and creatively when solving problems. Snoopy Snow Brawl increases access to quality STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) learning opportunities for K-5 students and is a featured activity in’s Hour of Code initiative during Computer Science Education Week from December 4-10, 2017. Over 150 million kids in more than 180 countries have participated in Hour of Code since it was launched in 2013.

codeSpark has demonstrated great care in bringing the Peanuts gang to a new audience of young coders while developing Snoopy Snow Brawl. Being able to collaborate with them during Hour of Code is a great opportunity to share the joy of Peanuts, along with the critical tools of programming and STEM skills, with this younger generation.

Said Roz Nowicki, Executive Vice President of Peanuts Worldwide.

Engaging kids during the Hour of Code can give them a sense of confidence and delight, breaking down stereotypes associated with Computer Science. With Snoopy Snow Brawl, codeSpark has created a fun learning experience that has the potential to inspire a love of computer science.

Said Hadi Partovi, Founder, and CEO of

Snoopy Snow Brawl is playable for everyone until January 15, 2018. Parents and public schools can download the codeSpark Academy app, which includes Snoopy Snow Brawl, for free. Teachers who complete the free registration will also receive a 20-hour curriculum and other supporting materials. To date, codeSpark Academy has been used by 20 million students worldwide in over 200 countries.

Snoopy Snow Brawl is available in the codeSpark Academy app on iOS, Android and on the Web at and you can check out the tutorial video here.


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