Mojang is maybe the best game studio as of right now. The studio had an achievement in Minecraft, which has sold to an extremely well on PC/Mac platforms and recently went to the Nintendo Wii. With Microsoft acquiring the Minecraft franchise and all of its properties, Mojang is presently proceeding on to new things, which includes its most recent game: Cobalt.

A collaborative effort with Oxeye Game Studios, the game is a side-scrolling over action/brawler that can be enjoyed in both single player and split-screen, cooperative style.

Cobalt Comes To Xbox 360/One & PC

Cobalt is a major departure in terms of gameplay style from Minecraft, however, holds a simpler graphics approach in favor of unique gameplay elements, like a lot of slow-motion and weapons fire that can ricochet off select surfaces.

Describing Cobalt is tough, however, things like Angry Birds, Contra, Sonic the Hedgehog and pinball all come to mind when watching the release trailer for the game. Should you beat the campaign mode, there’s a fascinating versus mode that you and your friend can waste hours away on, if you feel the need to get a little competitive.

If you’re interested in picking it up, Cobalt is on sale today on the Xbox 360 ($19.99), Xbox One ($19.99), and Steam for Windows ($19.99)


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