Box, the cloud storage company, is making efforts to make life easier for its international clients outside the US to comply with regulatory requirements on where they can store their data. A new feature was introduced that enables customers to pick several new countries in which they want they can house their data.

From next month going forward, companies are going to be able to pay for a new Box Zones feature which will enable them to store their data in Germany, Ireland, Japan, and Singapore. They can do this and at the same time still be able to use the Box’s content and management services as if they had kept the information in the company’s U.S data centers.

Cloud Storage Company, Box Goes International With AWS And IBM
Cloud Storage Company, Box Goes International With AWS And IBM

This is a good feature for all companies that are supposed to meet the data sovereignty regulations that are implied in their respective countries.

The cloud storage company is also expected to introduce later this year, options for companies to purchase Box Zones for the IBM Cloud in Europe in Asia. The company only announced integrations only with the Amazon Web Service and the IBM at the moment. Box Vice President, Rand Wacker, however, said the company was not against working with other cloud providers like Microsoft.

This new features that Box is implementing require them to build its service to work with other files stored in other centers. This, in turn, helps them to expand internationally since they don’t have to build any external data centers to comply.

The new feature also integrates with the Box’s KeySafe feature, which gives clients the ability to buy encryption keys used for the safety of their data.

The same move that Box has done was done by Dropbox for European adoption. Dropbox chose to store customer’s data in an AWS center inGermany.

As Dropbox and Box try to get more income from international customers, they have to go and make the product that makes them unique.


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