Cloud computing has taken the technological world by storm. It has ushered in an era where issues memory, its portability, accessibility, and size, have been greatly reduced. With users now being able to access their files from multiple devices at multiple locations, things truly have become a lot more connected. Organizations have gained greater control of internal data flow. Now data can be brought in from multiple locations to a virtual center and used by all. However, with the advent of cloud computing come with its challenges. IT professionals and workers need to be trained to manage the new ever growing and complex field that is cloud computing. For this purpose, the Linux Academy announced and released the public beta of their new Cloud Assessment Platform.

This tool will allow the assessment of current IT professionals and employees and new trainees in various cloud computing based services, which will include technologies such as Amazon Web Services, Open Stack, DevOps and Microsoft Azure, among others.

New Cloud Based Training Platform by Linux Academy
New Cloud Based Training Platform by Linux Academy

The current focus of the Cloud Assessment Platform, however, is Amazon Web Services.

Anthony James, CEO Linux Academy, said:

Since AWS is a leader in the market, companies, and individuals are rushing to ensure they can handle these technologies.

Linux Academy Certificate

It was found in a survey conducted in February 2017 that 35% IT professionals believed that micro-certifications, like the ones the Linux Academy has planned for its Cloud Assessment Platform, will benefit them in advancing in their career and 85% said that they would opt for such certifications if their employer supported them.

It is no surprise, micro-certifications have always been popular in the field of IT and computer development. Linux Academy simply wants to add a way to allow firms to test and train their employees.


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